LAD001 Jessica Bishop

avatar Elise Terranova
avatar Jessica Bishopp
avatar Patricia Ziehn
avatar Rico Valtin

Common Ground under the washing stand

The first interview with Jessica Bishopp in which she shares the progress on her game project in process Common Ground. Jessica reveals ways to recruit interested strangers for projects and we discuss collective building. We talk about games on our to play list, Nintendo Switch flu and what we are playing.

1:00 How Jess got into games
3:00 Common Ground and connecting to people
18:00 Collective building
25:30 Growing a project, naming collaborators, recruiting strangers
32:00 All walls must fall
35:00 Solitune
39:30 Firewatch
43:00 Switchitis
46:15 Next LaD installment

Jessica Bishopp during the day also works at Honig Studios.