LAD008 Sabine Harrer

avatar Elise Terranova
avatar Dr. Sabine Harrer
avatar Patricia Ziehn
avatar Rico Valtin

Grief, pain, play and the Muse

This episode we sit down with Dr. Sabine Harrer to talk about grief and games.  Using her research and experience in grief we cover her main methodology in making games, using Muse based design.  Sabine has presented this talk at the Gotland Game Conference, at GDC and also in Berlin at the Schaufenster PainGame Event.


7:00 Where Sabine started to make games, ITU and Copenhagen Game Collective
15:00 Parallels between grief and playful design and muse based design
28:00 The anti-birth
32:00 How people grieve
35:00 What happened to the lamb?
41:00 Attachment and loss as a bereaved badgers
44:00 Being inclusive in design