LAD005 George Buckenham

avatar Elise Terranova
avatar George Buckenham
avatar Patricia Ziehn
Intro Music
avatar Rico Valtin

Very quick and very slow

The second A MAZE special with George Buckenham fresh from his talk Very Quick and Very Slow. We discuss making and hosting twitter bots, terrible ways to give away business cards, fostering communities and alternative game design ideas.

02:25 LAD004 Fakhra AlMansouri
10:00 Playing to enjoy
11:00 Q Dork
11:00 Fancyness of assets
12:30 Indie in London
19:00 Business cards are ridiculous
21:30 Set up your community, how not to Fyre Festival
26:00 When to call it quits
28:00 Projects:

37:00 Neko Atsumi
47:00 English Bubbles
52:00 Patreon