LAD002 Sara Lisa Vogl

avatar Elise Terranova
avatar Sara Lisa Vogl
avatar Patricia Ziehn
avatar Rico Valtin

Lofi haptics and full body care

Sara Lisa Vogl joins LAD to discuss her life as a VR Shaman in her work with Thorsten Wiedermann, Dis/connected. Three VR nauts have now spend 24 hours or more in VR and we talk about the differences in the programming for Dunja Hayali´s experience as well the mental side effects of long term exposure.

2:00 Lucid Trips, VR mainstream
8:00 VR Base
11:30 VR Shaman planning escapes
17:00 Physical considerations in VR
25:30 Performing the role of a carer
34:45 VR celebrity and sleeping caves
40:00 Future casting