LAD009 Sagan Yee

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Soft-Boiled Wonderland – A MAZE Special

In this episode we talk to Sagan Yee, guest speaker and Workshop host at A MAZE 2018. We cover niche corners of the internet, Vaporwave, 2D animation and to how to make weird things in Canada. Her Exploring Weird Unity for Beginners Workshop notes are also available if you missed her workshop.

Sagan is the director of the Hand Eye Society an organisation ‘dedicated to supporting and showcasing videogames made primarily as a form of creative expression.’


6:00 The last of the first Vaporwave Game Mall Quest
9:30 2D Animation start
14:00 Accidental Twine Wine
17:25 How to go from 2D to games
20:00 How to make weird game things in Canada