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avatar Patricia Ziehn
avatar Rico Valtin

Closer and Weirder

Fakhra AlMansouri joins Life and Dev as part of the A MAZE special. A hyper talk presenter and guest in Berlin, we discuss trying to start a games business when the government thinks you want to start a toys business, caramel, stranger things and site-seeing through games.

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Hyper Talks

1:00 Games in the UAE
10:00 Challenges in starting a company
20:00 Stranger things and tourism through games
26:50 Biscuits and sweets from home
35:00 Community blues at customs
42:00 Being scared of games
46:00 Global Game Jam in UAE
48:40 Abu Dhabi Metro Jam and blinkers
57:00 1,2 Switch

A big thank you to Happy Tuesday for hosting us.

avatar Elise Terranova
avatar Marie Claire LeBlanc
avatar Patricia Ziehn
avatar Rico Valtin

Marie Claire LeBlanc and I discuss ethics and permission for real world consequences in a VR game from her work “other hands VR”. Marie reveals what she has brewing in her kitchen, literally and we discuss bacteria conspiracy theories and examine my prejudices against smell artists.

1:30 Cellulose for making games
4:00 ‘Other hands VR’
9:30 The performative
15:00 Ethics and harm
22:00 Different protagonists
27:00 VR Sliding Doors: it is all just data
31:00 Garnering consent
37:40 Marie’s first VR experience
46:00 Bacteria conspiracy and smells